Dhriti Menon

Dhriti menon Let me introduce you to Dhriti Menon, A very pretty friend, Xaviers Mumbai Communications student currently based at Mumbai working with Afternoon Dispatch and courier as a journalist, A cat Fanatic. She is just an evidence of the fact that Hipsters are not dead yet, Loves all things belonging to the 1960s era, A sucker for cheesecakes , good music, Concerts and  is an easy goer!

Here is how she defines her style.
A friend once said to me, ‘You’re this street grunge semi hippie always dressed as if she’s on her way to a concert.’She politely left out, ‘dork’, being my friend and all.On one hand I love everything to do with the 60’s culture. The music, the tie and dye, Alice bands, printed maxis, peace signs, tassel bags..

And on the other hand, you can almost always spot me dressed in something grungy and studded. My current favourite item of clothing is my Camouflage jacket. I wear it over practically everything I own. (pajamas included)

I’ve never really been much into vintage fashion. But when my sister in law (to be) came back from Japan with this gorgeous pale pink and silver vintage kimono jacket, I almost died from how pretty it was.

Grunge Camouflage jacket

Grunge Hippie

Camo and Denim



Vintage Kimono

Kimono Done Differently


BOHE printed maxi


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