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These are few of the tips that I have for all my fellow men reading this post!
1. Minimalism and sleek lines, pureness and sobriety are the key!
Incorporate classic pieces for a minimalistic look; I believe understated style surpasses any seasonal fad. So yes, minimalism is as much a timeless approach as it is a trend.
One of the best ways is to just maintain three colours in your outfit and merely vary the hue of a particular colour. This necessarily doesn’t mean your wardrobe should be absent of any colours. Olives, burgundy, camel, can blend beautifully into an outfit that is anchored largely by neutrals such as black, navy, brown or grey.
Other Casual timeless basics would come in the form of your basic plain tees, pique polos and oxford shirts. Of course, plain slim trousers and chinos will also allow you create a smart casual approach to your dressing.

2. Layering is one of the easiest and latest trends of late… Wearing a blazer with a knitted cardigan or shirt or corduroy blazer over a jean jacket and a long-sleeve tee is how you can do it.
All you need to do this is have an understanding of working different textures, shapes, lengths and silhouettes together.

3. Stick to Browns /Tans or Earthy colours when it comes to choosing accessories like bags wallets, watches, Hats.. As a neutral, it can be incorporated into countless ensembles of all different styles, making it one of the most versatile options in the colour spectrum.
However, Bows and ties are the accessories where you can experiment and think a little out of the box.

4. Let that Beard grow. It’s a celebration of your Natural Beauty!
You can have a slick, smooth-tailored look and groomed, neat hair, but to give it that dangerous edge, facial hair is a must. Plus, every fashionable man about town is sporting a beard this season.

5. Whenever in doubt, pick a white shirt with Blue denims and brown leather oxfords or boots .You can never go wrong with this classic timeless combination!

6. Dress like GENTLEMEN, not Boys.


All the pictures here are taken from Pinterst

Hope this helps. Have a great Thursday!

Love, Dreamcatcher♥


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