The weekend is here and so are the good things!

My idea of a perfect weekend is to laze around the house all day with some good music and the company of my lovely roomie or step out for a coffee , wander on the streets of the beautiful Bangalore city just enjoying the breezy-romantic weather or chill at any good place.

One of the best bits of a weekend is being able to wear all the cool, comfy clothes that are off limits, Monday through Friday! , by layering an old denim vest or jacket over a breezy sundress or maybe a pair of shorts you generally wear at home with a loose tank top and you can always kick up things a notch by accessorizing a little.. maybe just wrapping a scarf around your neck. I feel nothing beats a knotted up old tee with shorts, its uber-cool and comfy!

While it sounds fun there is a lot of running around and homely chores to be done as well. One can make picking up your dry cleaning, the salon visit and other tasks on your weekend to-do list more glamorous by carrying a cool rug sack or a bag.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Dreamcatcher ♥



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