The Poetic Mumbai


Everything about this city is magical.
The sea, the rains, the amazing architecture, Marine drive, the sky line, the people…Just everything here is so poetic.
It was a very short trip to Mumbai for work but thanks to the long drive from the airport to Cuff parade road and the traffic.. I got ample time to look around the beautiful and the magical city of Mumbai.
The city just got more beautiful following the past few days of rains! I believe one of the best ways to enjoy the rains is to go on a long drive and enjoy the raindrops falling on the window pane of the car and what could make it better than some old music in the background.



DSC_0257 DSC_0263

wer DSC_0576 DSC_0566 DSC_0554 DSC_0572   DSC_0394 DSC_0346 DSC_0304

You must have noticed that I have focused a lot on the architecture of the city. My Love for the ancient and vintage is no news to all of you. The city’s architecture is a very beautiful blend of Victorian, Arty and gothic structures (from the colonial era) and then of course the Ambani mansion and the sea Worli link making it contemporary. I haven’t been to London but whatever I have seen and heard of it from the movies and books,  some of the buildings look exactly like ones in London and that is of course because these buildings and the ones  in London have the same ‘British Aesthetics’ .


DSC_0555DSC_0331 DSC_0329 DSC_0345 DSC_0316

Talking of the rains and the architecture, I also had a chance to visit the sea Lounge in the Taj Mahal hotel. There is this whole old world charm about it. The old colonial art décor,  the live piano Music enhancing the spectacular view of the sea, the gateway of India and moving ships on the harbor. Known for its traditional Afternoon Tea and an elaborate buffet spread of classic English delicacies and Local Indian favorites complemented with a selection of the world’s finest teas and coffees, I decided to have a masala chai on the recommendation of my Boss accompanying me…and it was one of the best masala chais ever!

teaDSC_0430DSC_0441DSC_0443lovelyDSC_0447DSC_0481kxdljwqdxDSC_0436 DSC_0432mumbai

I can’t wait to make a trip to this magical dreamy city again!

Hope you have a week as beautiful as this city.



PS: All the Pictures here are taken by me .


11 thoughts on “The Poetic Mumbai

  1. Gud that u made optimum use of d lil tym u gt in mumbai…wish I cud b there sumday…as u made it all d more attractive

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