Bohem Love



DSC_0113 SHOOT 3


Hello pretty people,

Firstly, I apologize for vanishing for so long . I was away to the city of beaches, Goa. The sad part being it was a work trip ..which pretty much explains why  I was’nt even able to click some pictures of the beautiful city ..I promise to click loads of them in my next trip to Goa.

Talking of traveling reminds me of  boho fashion, beauty, hippies & gypsies, and a little bit about my bohemian life. For me the essential  part is to never forget your own style and mix it up with the latest trends to create a look that will be unique.This is just one of my favorite looks ..this flowy floral bohemian top paired with high waist shorts is comfortable yet stylish.

My latest obsession is feathers…Just anything to do with feathers .Here, the head band with the feathers at the bottom can be used in myriad of ways, you can braid it along , use it as a hairband or even a neck piece.

Hope you had an amazing weekend!




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