Quirk it up!


20  29 298 DSC_0172




Hello and Happy Monday!

Black and white combination is and will always be my favorite. I see blacks and whites and I am automatically in love. The Black high waist shorts have the ability to make the dullest of tees or tops look great.The knotted up top and the head band adds some quirkiness to the look. I have enjoyed this look long before its recent surge in popularity.

Hope you like it.




14 thoughts on “Quirk it up!

  1. I really love this one you look absolutely stunning 🙂 .Black and white combo is classic and never goes out of fashion.

  2. absolutely stunning and gorgeous and not in the same order always, not many things can be termed epic with the word being used excessively now days but i really liked what i read n saw in the entire blog, the fashion sense is very much in sync with classic trends which last for eternity n yeah beards rule, all this speaks volumes about yourself n i wish n hope your enthusiasm keeps rising a notch higher and you accomplish all your dreams and aspirations, god bless you adorable n keep up the good work (its astoundingly very promising)

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