Muru, Hairstylist, Goa

pos4Brendon, Ace Makeup Artist, Goa




Tina, Art Curator and Model, Mumbai


Kristy De Cunha, Stylist, Mumbai




pos4359mumbaii2  pos217

12 pos1269pos2we      pos870    pos4536Aashim , Stylist, Mumbai


post345   ad1

DSC_0657Hey Dreamers!

Happy Friday! It is my favorite day of the week for obvious reasons!

 It has been a busy week for me. Thanks to my lovely job I again got a chance to visit Mumbai for work .One thing I love is meeting new people from different backgrounds and professions.

So in this post you will see a mix of interesting, pretty and stylish people I met and few pictures of moments and things. Thanks to my camera I can share and remember simple moments like these.

Hope you like it!




16 thoughts on “Fashion&Life♥

      1. hi you have a face that can make a million hearts skip a beat, mine did…. your eyes can mesmerize anyone with one look and jo bacha your million watt smile does the, i am an ex commercial pilot from delhi now have my own business. it would be an honour if we can get to know each other as friends. Thanks

  1. Your blog is the closest definition of ‘Brilliance’. Every post is like a new love found. Keep up the amazing work going on forever!

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