Itr-By Khyati Pande

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Final khyati1Hello Lovely people,

This beautiful maxi dress is from ITR, By Khyati Pande,  meaning essence, designed by a very talented and beautiful friend of mine. Khyati started ITR just a few months back in March13 and it comes as no surprise for me that the brand is already accepted and admired.


The label inspires and transpires from everything around. Khyati loves mixing opposite elements to create a unique outfit and she, like me, is a true vintage lover which can be found in her design sensibilities as well.

What I absolutely love about the brand is the asymmetric & unrestricted silhouette which can be pulled off by any shape and size, the eclectic mix of fabrics and textures in the garments and the use of vibrant colors and aesthetics. It’s a fusion of extremes with contemporary silhouettes and Indian prints. I love how beautifully these diversities coincide and come together to create an eccentric product.


You can find more about the brand here:

I hope you like these ,




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