Say Bonjour to Scarlette!

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Bonjour and Namaste Dreamers!

I am so excited  to tell you guys about Scarlette, a boutique hotel /homestay,  located in the heart of the city, is one of the most beautiful places I have witnessed . You know , the sort of places you would only see on pinterest, the sort of home one would wanna own someday.

Owned by a french family , the decor  reflects a beautiful mix of french and indian aesthetics , the french windows and the ikat cushions , the bougainvilleas, the white sheer curtains and the indian tapestry fit in together so pleasantly giving such a dreamy and idyllic feel. Furnished with antic and contemporary furniture this place is surely a visual treat. This place also has a small cozy terrace, perfect for a candle lit dinner or just reading while basking in the sun in the beautiful Delhi winters.
Though they do not serve food to the non residents they do serve amazing coffee which makes it the best place for a quite cup of coffee, reading or having a great conversation. . The big floor cushions, the warm lighting and leather furnishings make it so warm and cosy. So, pretty people, next time when you’re looking for a quite and peaceful time away from the city’s hurly-burly you know where to head!

Hope you have a an amazing day and week ahead.


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