Streetstyle with Cord!






C360_2015-02-24-12-44-54-180  C360_2015-02-24-12-47-08-055 C360_2015-02-24-12-47-41-539  C360_2015-02-24-12-48-55-149 C360_2015-02-24-12-50-11-410  C360_2015-02-24-12-51-02-892  C360_2015-02-24-12-52-33-986C360_2015-02-24-12-53-38-349 C360_2015-02-24-12-55-25-204 Hi People,

So excited to share with you the pictures from our first shoot for Cord. Had a great time photographing  these super talented and fun people . Our products couldn’t  have looked better.
We love how our Minimal Laptop Carrier goes perfectly with Ankur’s free-spirited style. The  bohemian look blends beautifully with our minimalistic products.

Prabhleen  with her unconventional looks and our classic Hemicycle Bag makes a strong style statement.
Check out our facebook page for more beautiful products.

Hope you are having a great day.





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